Competitive Cheer


All star cheerleading is a competitive team sport incorporating skills from several other disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, stunting and, of course, cheer. All star cheerleading squads do not cheer for other sports teams rather they train year-round to prepare for competitions. They differ from most other sports in that every team member is vital to the team and the performance. There are no bench-warmers. Everybody has an integral part! Each member of the squad is trained in all aspects of the sport in order to develop their skills to reach their maximum potential.

All star teams typically consist of between 12-25 athletes. Teams are carefully constructed to include all the elements needed to perform the complex routines. Every team needs a combination of bases, flyers, tumblers, and dancers. Most of these well rounded athletes are capable of performing all of these skills. Competition routines are typically 2 1⁄2 minutes in length. They are packed with stunts, dances, cheers, chants, and tumbling. Each element is perfectly choreographed to music. Most teams have their music custom made for their routines. At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability level. The routines are judged based on difficulty, execution, creativity, and showmanship. Each team only has one opportunity to get it perfect. At most competitions, anything less than perfect will not result in a win.

All star cheerleading has taken the sport to a new level. Adding the element of competition has allowed the world to see inside the sport of cheerleading in a way never before possible.

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All Star Snowflake at Red River High School Competition

All Stars Level 1-Galaxy Red River High School Competition

All Stars Level 2-Eclipse Nationals Orlando, FL Competition